The National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) and Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), supported by more than a dozen distributors of specialty trailer tires, are seeking an exemption for specialty trailer tires from possible import and/or antidumping duties the U.S. government is considering for car and light truck tires imported from China.

As reported by TireBusiness.com, the NATM, which represents manufacturers of light- and medium-duty trailers that are towed behind vehicles, said it petitioned the Department of Commerce to seek clarification of this issue because the “vast majority” of specialty trailer tires — those marked “for trailer use only” — are manufactured outside of the U.S.

The association submitted its petition on Aug. 11 after it concluded the countervailing and/or antidumping duties the U.S. government is considering imposing on consumer tires imported from China could include ST tires, an action that would lead to higher costs and potential shortages of ST tires.

Either action “would have a significant adverse impact on the light- and medium-duty trailer industry,” the NATM said.

Commerce has yet to reply to or act on the NATM’s petition, but association Executive Director Pam Trusdale told the trade group’s members in a recent blog posting that the group had made “significant progress” toward getting trailer tires excluded from the import investigation.

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