A comprehensive market expansion and public relations program recommended by the Public Relations Committee during Committee Week received preliminary approval from the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association Board of Directors.
Elements of the program approved by the committee and subject to Budget Committee review in August include:
* The proven RV Top-of-Mind Awareness Program and Conversion Vehicle Media Relations Program conducted with Barton Gilanelli & Associates, RVIA’s marketing communications agency, aimed at generating coverage in the print and broadcast media.
* Media spokesperson activity, bringing a team of representatives to the media’s doorsteps in local markets around the country to showcase the advantages of RV travel.
* Outreach to tourism officials, increasing RVIA efforts to promote the importance of the RV market through speaking appearances at major tourism conferences and other proactive outreach. By leveraging the influence of tourism officials to promote and facilitate RV travel, RVIA hopes this will boost RV usage, owner retention and market expansion.
* An updated RV vacation cost-comparison study, to enable RVIA to continue to demonstrate the cost efficiency of RV travel in media and consumer outreach.
* Two video news releases, a cost-effective tool to reach local TV news viewers nationwide with key RV and conversion vehicle messages.
“An aggressive public relations program is vital to RV market expansion and owner retention,” remarked Public Relations Committee Chairman B.J. Thompson, of B.J. Thompson Associates. “We’re excited about several new approaches proposed for 2005. The public relations program lays the foundation for a favorable business environment and helps attract new customers into the market, as well as retain current owners.”