Early RV shows have been drawing a crowd

Early RV shows have been drawing a crowd

The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) public relations team team is again collaborating with show promoters and reporters to produce media coverage of local RV shows and generate exposure for RV travel with consumers.

This effort has helped create media buzz about consumer shows with stories appearing in markets in Texas, Minnesota, Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia and Colorado. Stories have focused on low gas prices, brisk sales and record-breaking attendance.

Record attendance was reported at the Atlanta Camping & RV Show, which ran Jan. 23-25. Dealers were pleased to have so many informed consumers coming to the show ready to make a purchase.

The 38th annual Ohio RV Supershow also saw record attendance this year while hosting its biggest show in the group’s history.

“We’ve got more recreation vehicles than ever before, and we’re showing them off in a record amount of space,” said Show Chairman and RV dealer Barry Chiron. “The RV industry was hit hard by the recession, but now we’re back and growing again.”

Organizers of the Wichita RV Show said dealers saw strong sales as gas prices are dropping.

Attendees are “…educated consumers,” said show director Jeff Pritchard. “They’ve shopped and know what they’re looking for. They go back and forth working their deal, and then they buy.”

The Florida RV SuperShow saw attendance reach 63,234 individuals, breaking their previous attendance record (set in 2014) by 6,281.

Similar reports of high attendance and strong sales are emerging from shows around the country.

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