As the celebration of the RV Centennial kicks off next year, there will be many opportunities for industry partners to take part in the festivities and include the RV Centennial in their marketing efforts, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) reported.

Following are ways to tie-in to the national event.

RV Centennial Collateral

There will be a variety of RV Centennial marketing collateral available to industry members from RVIA that can be used in advertising, on signage, for promotional materials or to create commemorative items such as hats, T-shirts, pins, posters, key chains, etc.  These include:

  • The official 100th anniversary logo.
  • 100th anniversary decals to distribute to customers.
  • RV Centennial banner ads for use on websites.
  • RV Images — high-resolution images of antique units for use in promotional materials.

Public Relations Outreach

There will be several ways to tie in to the celebration through RVIA’s public relations support of the RV Centennial, including:

  • The RV Centennial RV Media Tour – RV historian David Woodworth will lead a media tour that will feature an antique RV showcased among a caravan of modern RVs. RV manufacturers and owners’ clubs are invited to participate in the tour by appointing ambassadors to travel in the caravan in RVs that illustrate the industry’s latest innovations and eco-friendly advancements.
  • Press Release templates that can be used by industry members to alert local media about the industry’s 100th Anniversary and what is being done locally to celebrate.
  • An RV Centennial Video will be made available to industry members to use in their marketing communications efforts.
  • Social Media Outreach – Go RVing’s Facebook fan page and Twitter will be utilized to focus attention on the Centennial. Industry members will be urged to become fans of the Go RVing Facebook page and post company-specific news and events for the 100th Anniversary.  They will also be asked to provide fun, interesting facts about the industry that can be used on Twitter during the media tour or during Go RVing’s 100 days of RV Centennial Tweets to the media. We will be in touch soon to gather this type of information.

Have A Party!
RVIA will host an industry celebration on June 7 in Elkhart, Ind., but that doesn’t have to be the only party. Throwing a 100th Anniversary party is a great way for RV dealers and campgrounds to join in the fun.  Invite new, current and past customers. Hold a 100-day countdown to a big anniversary sale. Hold contests and give prizes for the oldest RV driven to the dealership or campground.  This type of party would also be a wonderful event for owners’ clubs and their members.

These items and other ideas will be available on the RV Centennial website that will soon be launched.  Watch for an announcement when the site goes live.  More information about the upcoming celebration and the rich history of the RV industry will also be available at the National RV Trade Show.