Former NFL star and avid RV enthusiast Matt Light

Former NFL star and avid RV enthusiast Matt Light

A satellite media tour produced by the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) during America’s Largest RV Show in Hershey, Pa., generated major media attention for the RV industry nationwide. 

As reported in RVIA Today Express, the satellite tour allowed local media outlets around the country to conduct interviews with tour spokesman, former NFL star and avid RV enthusiast Matt Light.

Light used the interviews to describe the comfort and convenience of RV tailgating, and deftly delivered key messages about how RVs provide a fun and cost-effective way for families to travel.

“I’m an RV owner myself,” Light said. “There’s no way I’d rather travel than in our motorhome. We can pack up the four kids and all the pets we want to bring, and just hit the road. There’s always an adventure over the next hill or around the next corner.”

During the morning at Hershey, Light conducted 22 interviews in an array of markets, including Philadelphia, Tampa, San Diego, Kansas City, San Antonio, Omaha and Chattanooga. He was also interviewed on eight nationally syndicated programs.

In total, through the end of September, the satellite media tour had generated more than 300 broadcast airings in 191 media markets, and has reached a total audience of nearly 28 million. Taped segments are expected to continue airing over the next several weeks.