Total attendance and dealer attendance at this year’s RV industry National Trade Show was down about 10% during the first two days of the three-day event, which ended Thursday (Nov. 29).

On Tuesday (Nov. 27), total attendance was 9,240 people, which was 10% below the 10,283 figure for the first day of the show in 2000, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA), owners of the event.

Dealer attendance on Tuesday was down 11% to 3,599 people, compared with 4,041 during the first day of last year’s show, the RVIA reported.

On Wednesday, total attendance was 10,596, which was 9.5% lower that total of 11,710 during the second day of last year’s show.

Meanwhile, dealer attendance on Wednesday amounted to 4,101 people, which was 10.5% lower than the 4,582 figure for the second day of last year.

The number of dealerships represented at this year’s show also slipped 10.5% to 451 companies, compared with 504 dealerships represented during 2000.

RVIA President Dave Humphreys said he was not disappointed because attendance at most other trade shows during the second half of this year have ranged from 20% to 30% below last year’s figures, Humphreys said.