RVIA logoSince December, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has continued to monitor a proposal by the state of Oregon Standards and Codes program with regards to the classification and regulation of park model recreation vehicles and tiny homes.

At issue, according to RVIA Senior Director of Communications Bill Baker, is whether units are being used as a permanent on-site residence as opposed to strictly recreational use. Accordingly, the move has caused a stir with dealers that sell park model RVs.

Baker told RVBUSINESS.com, “We are in the very beginning of the legislative process. Essentially there are two key parts of the legislation. First, the proposal calls for park model RVs and tiny homes to be removed from the state’s RV standards and code program and be handled under local jurisdiction.

“A second and somewhat related issue is that the standards and codes department has been receiving some pressure from labor unions. They believe that the plumbing and electrical work in the production process should be performed by licensed plumbers and electricians. Obviously, the dealers’ concern is that the price of park model RVs will increase.”

Baker noted that RVIA’s position has always been that “we want to establish a bright line between recreational use and sited permanent housing. We’re going to do everything in our power to ensure that all RVs, including traditional, park models and tiny homes, do not end up falling under housing regulations as long as they are being used as recreational, seasonal, temporary housing.”

Baker said that RVIA would continue to address the issue on behalf of the industry. “We represent all the manufacturers. This is a very delicate matter, and there is no clear end at this point. But RVIA is committed to lobby in the best interest of our members.”