SAM 2014 029 mediumRVIA’s Standards Department will be hosting the State Administrators Meeting (SAM) on April 6, 2017 at the Embassy Suites Hotel–Omaha-Downtown/Old Market in Omaha, Neb., as the association works to finalize the 2017 editions of standards for the RV industry. 

As reported by RVIA Today Express, the state code administrators from Oregon, Nebraska and Washington, along with the testing and listing agencies and members of the RVIA Standards Steering Committee have been invited to this important event.

The primary focus of the meeting is to facilitate the transition of the adopted RV standards to the next edition. John Proteau, RVIA’s senior inspector, will be the primary presenter, leading discussions of all the upcoming 2017 code changes, including: 

• Review 2017 NFPA 1192, ANSI 12V and NEC code changes.

• Review and agree upon uniform enforcement positions.

• Review Uniform Plan Approval Standard (ANSI – UPA-1, 2014 edition).

• Discuss other participant’s technical issues.

In addition, a unanimous decision is always sought to honor a “transition window” from the previous standards to the most recently published standard. This window is from June 1, 2017 through Sept. 1, 2017 where the manufacturer would be permitted to build to either standard during this time window with mandatory compliance required for all RV units by Sept. 1, 2017. This window of transition permits in‐field training and allows states additional time to approve plans.