The Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) will pay for the production of a 12-minute safety video required by the California law that allows motorhomes up to 45 feet long on Golden State highways.
Although the original intention was for diesel-pusher motorhome manufacturers to finance the video, the RVIA board, which met last week in Scottsdale, Ariz., appropriated $25,000 to pay production costs.
“There are a lot of general driver education aspects to the video,” said Craig Kirby, RVIA general counsel. “It’s value isn’t limited to owners of motorhomes over 40 feet.”
Kirby said RVIA’s intention is to make copies of the video generally available at no charge to motorhome manufacturers and dealers who want to distribute it with the vehicles they build or sell.
“With some editing and removing the California-specific information, the video would be worthwhile for all motorhome operators to have,” Kirby said. “Some manufacturers may want to edit the tape to include their particular products.”
Jim Sheldon, special assistant to the chairman of Monaco Coach Corp., Coburg, Ore., said the video, which is awaiting approval by the California Department of Transportation, provides a number of positive safety messages to potential drivers and owners of any motorhomes.
“The over-40-foot issue is mentioned only a couple of times,” Sheldon said. “It talks generally about handling, driving in the proper lane, allowing enough space between other vehicles and monitoring traffic.”
Sheldon said Monaco will include the video in all motorhomes longer than 40 feet shipped to California. A decision on whether the video will be included in all motorhomes Monaco manufactures hasn’t been made, Sheldon said.
Sheldon led an ad hoc consortium of manufacturers that shepherded a compromise bill through the California legislature after an initial veto by former Gov. Gray Davis.
Along with requiring the industry to produce the safety video, the law requires owners to be medically screened and drive only on highways that are part of California’s truck route system.