The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has set an Oct. 31 deadline for the return of outdated certification seals.
New, higher-cost seals, showing units comply with ANSI and other standards, were to be affixed to new RVs beginning Sept. 15.
Implementation of the new seal structure went smoothly, according to Robert M. “Mac” Bryan, RVIA’s vice president of administration. “I know of no complaints,” Bryan said. “We put out a lot of information, and people were very much aware of what was going on.”
The RVIA Board in June adopted the recommendation of the industrywide Go RVing Coalition to increase the seal assessment on motorhomes, travel trailers and fifth-wheels to finance a more aggressive budget for the Go RVing market expansion campaign.
The Go RVing program enters its seventh year in January with a new advertising campaign coordinated by a new advertising agency — The Richards Group, Dallas, Tex.
The old seals, which were affixed to all RVs, have been replaced by color-coded ones gold for motorhomes, silver for travel trailers and fifth-wheels, and white for folding camping trailers and truck campers.
The RVIA is buying back outdated seals that manufacturers had in inventory at the time of the changeover.
Early returns, however, weren’t as high as RVIA expected.
“We never really know what the inventory of seals is at any one time,” Bryan said. “But I was prepared to receive more of the old seals.”
He said RVIA shipped 30,000 of the new seals before the Sept. 15 changeover.
The Oct. 31 deadline to return old seals is intended to help budget Go RVing TV and print ad spending, Bryan said.
The new campaign will begin in February during network TV coverage of NASCAR’s Daytona 500 race.
The seal cost remained at $44 for truck campers and popup trailers, and was increased to $55 for travel trailers and fifth-wheels and $66 for motorhomes.
Spending on Go RVing next year will increase from $12.6 million to $16 million.