The tiny home trend has become a wildly debated and litigated issue in recent years, which has prompted the RV Industry Association (RVIA) to address the controversy.

“While ‘tiny homes’ make for good TV and a topic for policymakers attempting to solve affordable housing issues, they also create confusion between what is an RV and what is a tiny home meant for permanent living,” stated Monika Geraci, senior manager of strategic policy communications for RVIA.

To help quell the confusion, RVIA will sponsor a members-only webinar that will take place on Sept. 11 at 2 p.m. (EDT). RVIA will also begin running 20-minute online “Driving Policy Webinars” featuring RVIA Director of Government Affairs Mike Ochs and Legislative Analyst Ashley Brinkman, who will each explain the current tiny home policy landscape and how it is affecting the RV industry.

“The line between tiny homes and RVs has become fuzzy when it comes to legislation,” Geraci explained. “So this members-only webinar next week will help and hear from the experts about the pieces of legislation that have come up concerning park models, manufactured homes, RVs or tiny homes on wheels.”

She stated that the RVIA would like as many members as possible to log into the session as the subject affects OEMs and suppliers alike. The laws and governmental policies for the trend vary dramatically across the U.S. 

“The controversy especially affects local levels,” she shared. “That’s where we run into a lot of issues and the webinar will cover some of these topics. Any RV from park models to fifth-wheels and motorhomes are technically, by the standard, designed and built for temporary recreational use. This is where we run into zoning laws across the country where people are unable to live full-time in an RV by the law.”   

She noted that the lines have become so blurred that RVIA is in the process of publishing additional materials to help its members understand the issue.

“We are putting together a toolkit to assist our members,” she said. “Technically our association works on state and federal issues, not local issues. A lot of these zoning and property tax issues come up at the local level. So we are trying to provide one-page summaries or charts on why a tiny home, park model or travel trailer is still an RV, and why they should be treated as such.”     

Registration for the event will close at 1 p.m. on Sept. 11. RVIA members can register on the RVIA website. Members will need to log into their my.rvia.org account and a link to the webinar will be emailed directly on the day of the event.