Elkhart County is the “RV Capital of the World” when it comes to making them, but not when it comes to selling them due to the state’s 

WNDU TV reported that Ron Breymier with the Recreation Vehicle Indiana Council (RVIC) spoke Tuesday (Feb. 5) to members of the Indiana Senate Tax and Fiscal Policy Committee about Senate Bill 131, which he said would “level the playing field.”

Two RV dealers also testified Tuesday about a state policy that requires the collection of sales taxes when Indiana units are sold to residents of nine states that do not have reciprocal sales tax agreement with Indiana.

“I’ll give you a good example, you ask why you need this. Ohio does not collect the sales tax on any out-of-state, of any RV, of any state, any country,” said Breymier. “In the last six years, they’ve sold 8,000 RVs to consumers from these nine nonreciprocal states. That’s twice the number that Indiana has sold.”

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