A stolen motorhome worth nearly $100,000 was recently recovered and the thief who took it apprehended in less than two hours because the vehicle was equipped with an inventory monitoring service that allows dealers to monitor inventory in real time.

According to a press release from Carson Marketing representing McMahon’s RV, the Pleasure-Way Excel motorhome was taken from the dealership in Irvine, Calif., by a woman identified as 51-year-old Terri Gibson. The Irvine resident had been on a test drive, but when the salesman briefly left the vehicle, Gibson took the opportunity to drive away.

The release stated that after contacting the police, McMahon’s used the RV|ID monitoring system to pinpoint the RV’s precise location as it traveled north through the Mojave Desert at a high rate of speed. This information was communicated to law enforcement in real time enabling the CHP to apprehend the surprised thief and recover the RV within two hours of its theft and less than 20 miles from the Nevada state line.

Gibson spent the night in jail, but was released the next day on a legal technicality.

“Nobody beats McMahon’s, not even thieves,” said Brent McMahon, owner of Mega RV Corp, which owns and operates McMahon’s RV. “We are ecstatic to have recovered the stolen RV so quickly and easily. The RV|ID system worked perfectly and deserves all the credit for helping us recover this RV before it found its way to a chop shop out in the desert. This happened on a Sunday afternoon, yet the RV|ID customer support team was there to help us through this ordeal.”

“We’re pleased that RV|ID was able to help McMahon’s recover their RV so fast and without damage,” stated Jon Corn, president, sales and business development for Red Lantern Labs, which offers the RV|ID and Smart RV services. “We work hard to ensure RV|ID’s precision and reliability so that our customers can closely track and monitor their inventory.”