RVillage, a social network for RVers that facilitates “where-you-are” connections, surpassed a milestone of 150,000 active members in August and continues to grow.

“We’re excited about the level of growth and engagement happening in RVillage right now. There is clearly an audience of active RVers who want to connect with other RVers around them and enhance their RVing lifestyle,” said founder Curtis Coleman in a press release. “We currently receive a new user created account every 3-5 minutes.”

RVillage member engagement primarily derives from user-generated content. Membership is free, and “RVillagers” are encouraged to join groups that speak to their interests and travel style.

“We have over 3,000 crowd-sourced groups for full-time RVers, weekend RVers, RV clubs, and people who haven’t yet taken the leap but want to learn from experienced RVers,” Coleman explained. “Even our rallies are designed to welcome everyone from full hook-up big rigs to boondocking caravaners.”

RVillage is supported mainly by advertisers looking to have visibility within an active online RVer social space. RVillage also offers an affordable program making it possible for RV parks and resorts to be visible to RVers passing through their area. RVillage members can also upgrade to a patron-type paid level called “Gold Status” which delivers extra privileges, discounts and recognition.

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