Fort Worth, Texas-based RVM Promotions, provider of direct mail for independent RV dealers, announced that the company has named 15 cash winners at RV dealership lot promotions over a recent 18-month period.

According to a press release, cash prizes ranged from $500 to $1,500 during events across the country. Winners came from dealerships in Connecticut, Georgia (2), Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota (3), Missouri, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania (2), South Dakota and Washington.

“I am a firm believer in dealing with ‘best of breed’ vendors and use only American Hole ‘n One (AHNO) in Buford, Ga.,” said RVM Promotions owner Randy Adams. “I have enjoyed a wonderful working relationship with Travis Raczynski and his team for over a decade now and have never had an issue with our dealers’ customers being paid. AHNO has a very professional and efficient staff and are a joy to work with.

“The integrity of the process, including who and how the winning numbers are selected, is the reason we are able to report such an above average percentage of winners,” said Adams. “The process is completely transparent and protects all parties.”

For more explanation on the process and for a list of dealership references, contact Adams at 386-547-8013 or e-mail [email protected].