The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka

The Bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Photo courtesy of ABC and Entertainment Tonight News.

Editor’s Note: The RV industry gains some appealing airtime tonight (Jan. 25) as ABC’s “The Bachelor” takes bachelor, Jake Pavelka, and the nine remaining contestants in two motorcoaches provided by Allstar Coaches on a journey up the California Coast. Entertainment Tonight News provided this synopsis of the episode, which will televised at 8 p.m. EST.

It’s road-trip time on tonight’s episode of “The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love,” when the nine remaining ladies pile into two RVs and head up the California coast. Destination: a rendezvous with Jake Pavelka.

First stop is a vineyard in Santa Ynez where Gia gets the opportunity to prove to Jake that a girl from the Big Apple and a boy from Denton, Texas, can have chemistry. Gia is nervous because if Jake doesn’t give her a rose at the end of their date, she automatically goes home. No rose ceremony for her.

The next morning, “The Bachelor” caravan heads to Pismo Beach, where they set up camp on the beach. Six of the remaining nine women join Jake for a day of dune buggying and sand surfing. Jake comes to the rescue when Vienna and Jessie get their buggy trapped in the sand. Then Corrie surprises everyone when she tackles Jake to grab some extra time with “The Bachelor.”

That night, the group checks into the Madonna Inn, famous for its outrageous décor. A rose is at stake and the competition heats up, but Vienna’s strategy to have the last memorable moment of the night with Jake doesn’t sit well with the other women.

The last stop is Big Sur, where the campers set up among the towering redwoods. Two of the girls go on a date with Jake, but only one of them can receive a rose. The other will go home.

But the real challenge comes at the end of the trip when Jake decides to stand by his promise not to lead any of the women on — and he shocks them by sending home more women than necessary at the rose ceremony. When the dust clears, only five remain.

The nine women who start the episode are:

  • Ali, 25, an advertising account manager from Williamstown, Mass.
  • Ashleigh, 25, an account manager from North Potomac, Md.
  • Corrie, 23, a wardrobe consultant from Kissimmee, Fla.
  • Ella, 30, a hair stylist from Lafollette, Tenn.
  • Gia, 26, a swimsuit model from New York, N.Y.
  • Jessie, 25, a cosmetic sales manager from Oakville, Ontario, Canada.
  • Kathryn, 25, a corporate flight attendant from Lexington, Ky.
  • Tenley, 25, a college admissions representative from Newberg, Ore.
  • Vienna, 23, a marketing representative from Sanford, Fla.