Three RV enthusiasts from California have launched Travel’n Ads on RVs, a company that will pay RV enthusiasts to use their rigs as billboards.

The three founders of the Stockton, Calif.-based Travel’n Ads are Margie Booyer, Rusty Haley and Diana “Dee Dee” Cherep, according to The Record newspaper of Stockton.

RV owners can get $300 per ad per month, or up to $900 per month for up to three 16- by 42-inch “peel and stock” ads on their rig.

Travel’n Ads requires RV owners to keep their rigs on the road and at campgrounds for at least three months.

Advertisers pay Travel’n Ads $875 per ad per month.

The three women believe their concept makes sense because many full-time RV enthusiasts live on fixed incomes and need extra spending money, particularly since the steep rise in gasoline prices occurred this year.

Meanwhile, it makes sense for RV-oriented businesses to post their messages on RVs because it can be seen by RV enthusiasts at campgrounds and while driving to their destination.

So far, Travel’n Ad’s clients include RV accessories manufacturers and RV dealerships.

Travel’n Ads will not accepts ads for alcohol, tobacco, firearms or ads with political or religious messages.