Through the winter months, the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association’s (RVIA) work with reporters and producers has produced a steady stream of positive media coverage. According to a press release, coverage included stories about the industry’s continuing recovery from the economic downturn, positives about the RV lifestyle, and cable TV specials about what’s new in RVs.

A few of the highlights:

• A Nov. 27 Associated Press story from the Louisville show reported on the industry’s accelerating recovery from the recession. This story appeared in media markets nationwide, including Boston, Seattle, San Francisco, Washington, DC, Columbus, San Diego, Chicago, St. Louis, and New York. The story also was published on major online outlets, including Yahoo! Finance and Bloomberg BusinessWeek.

• On Nov.30, BudgetTravel.com published a story offering tips for renting and traveling by RV. The story mentioned rising RV shipments, and presented RVs as an accessible and fun way to travel.

• A Dec. 10 story in The Wall Street Journal reported that RV sales are expected to rise in 2013. Growth was predicted to be strongest in lower-cost models, with travel trailers and fifth wheels expected to be in highest demand.

• On Dec. 20, Winnebago CEO Randy Potts appeared on FOX Business where he talked about the positive outlook for the RV industry. The segment also featured a Winnebago Tour outside FOX’s New York studio.

• On Dec. 21, AnimalFair.com suggested that readers should consider an RV for traveling with pets. The tip pointed out that no boarding, no cargo holds and built-in pet stations could make traveling with pets more convenient and more fun. More than half of RVers travel with pets, according to RVIA research.

• On Jan. 1, HGTV broadcasted RV2013, this year’s version of the annual RV special. The show featured three families touring the RV show in Hershey and presented the latest trends and newest models. RVIA works with producers throughout the production, and the show continues to be HGTV’s highest-rated special.