If the Vancouver, British Columbia, park board gets its way, there could be hundreds of RVs parked at Jericho Beach and Spanish Banks in Vancouver during the 2010 Olympic Games.

It’s an attempt to offer another form of accommodation during the Games, and to overcome the expected shortage of RV parking spots in February 2010, according to news1130.com, Vancouver.

For $95 a night, visitors could reserve one of 110 parking spots at Jericho or 255 parking spots at Spanish Banks.  A shuttle service would help visitors get downtown, or to Olympic transportation hubs.  Aaron Jasper with the Vancouver Park Board says they recognized the need for RV sites in the city, and the idea has been well thought out.  “The RVs will be self-generating but there will be strict quiet times from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and there will be 24/7 presence by the private operator.”

Jasper says they’ll speak with people who live in the neighborhood to fill them in on the plan.  He says they already have support from Tourism Vancouver and VANOC.  The board will chose an operator in July, and people will be able to make their reservations after that.