Adding an ampersand to an organization’s name might not seem to be a major change. But to the Recreation Vehicle Safety Education Foundation (RVSEF) Inc., which recently changed its moniker to the Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation, it more clearly defines the organization’s mission.
“By adding an ampersand in our title, we feel we have broadened our mission and are now able to expand our focus and concentrate on education,” said RVSEF Executive Director Walter Cannon.
RVSEF, founded in 1993 by safety advocate John Anderson who created the A’Weigh-We-Go RV weight-safety program, weighs RVs for consumers at rallies and other events and publishes a series of nine manuals aimed at consumers.
The manuals cover safety issues involved with weight, tires, driving, towing, fire, propane, motor fuels, electrical and personal safety.
Airstream Inc., Jackson Center, Ohio, currently distributes the manuals in all RVs that it sells and the series is also sold through the Family Motor Coach Association (FMCA) and other organizations.
Last year, the RVSEF sold 4,500 sets of manuals, which Cannon expects will be available in CD-ROM form by the end of the year.