RVSEF_LogoColor_nolines171x50The Recreation Vehicle Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) has produced another video designed for RV owners, “RV Weight Training.” A short introductory clip is available for viewing on the RVSEF website, www.rvsafety.com.

Documented weighing data compiled over the last 20-plus years indicates that 57% of RVs on the road today likely exceed at least one safety weight rating. Today’s recreational vehicle, while typically constructed to exacting design standards, contains cargo often loaded in an unbalanced or overloaded manner. This pushes an RV outside engineered safety parameters and can directly lead to adverse maintenance issues, steering and handling difficulties, as well as towing and braking impediments and other suspension troubles.

To affect a positive weight distribution plan for all RVers, RVSEF has produced and published the “RV Weight Training” safety video – a detailed guide to locating and understanding mandated weight labels, plus safety-specific information including weight ratings, cargo placement and the importance of proper balance.

“We took the information we’ve gathered and shared with consumers over the years and crafted this weight training video.” said RVSEF Executive Director Walter Cannon. “This is our Weight Training Seminar in video form. It’s the same information we’ve been sharing with RV manufacturers, dealers and owners and it’s now accessible on-line.”

The 20-minute safety video is offered as a pay-per-view presentation and is available at www.rvsafety.com under the Store tab or directly at http://rvsafety.com/store/40-videosub-weight.

RVSEF has weighed over 40,000 RV’s and collected weight and tire data for more than 20 years. The information accumulated is available to RV, chassis and tire makers, dealers and RV owners via conference presentations and seminars with select topics now readily available online.

To learn more about the RVSEF, Consumers, Dealers and Manufactures, can log on to www.RVSafety.com or call (321) 453-7673.