The RV Safety & Education Foundation (RVSEF) weighing teams along with Executive Director Walter Cannon will be working in Indiana’s Elkhart County from late May through June. According to a press release, teams will be attending area rallies, offering RV weighing services to attendees and conducting educational safety seminars on RV weight and tire safety.

In addition to events, the RVSEF is scheduling educational time with area manufacturers for team training. “We’ll use this time for learning more about the chassis, construction, suspensions and any changes, or near future developments. This training adds to team member knowledge of these components and how they relate to overall weight and balance,” said Cannon. “Over 20 years of weighing consumer loaded RVs has shown the importance of understanding loading and the effect it has on these systems. So our goal is to know how best to help consumers remedy or mitigate potential overloading.”

Cannon is an RV industry recognized authority on the topics of load management, RV tires, matching trucks to trailers, driving, road use legislation and other RV safety-related topics.

RVSEF is also scheduling manufacturer customer service training. “We can’t expect CS representatives to be experts on load management, tires, axles, suspensions or brakes,” said Cannon. “However, we know we can provide solid information about how consumer uses those systems in the field. More importantly, we offer the RVSEF as a third party non-biased resource to the manufacturer in an effort to help the CS reps answer consumer calls.”

RVSEF’s calendar is filling quickly. Scheduling educational time with the RVSEF can be done by contacting their offices directly at (321) 453-7673 or by e-mail at [email protected].