RVShare.com has been offering rentals from dealers since it was founded, but only in the last three months or so has it been including rentals from RV owners. TravelPulse reported that it is the first RV travel platform to offer a peer-to-peer system.

“What we’re essentially trying to do is create the peer-to-peer market for RV rentals, kind of like Airbnb did for physical spaces and spare rooms,” said Joel Clark, director of business development for RVShare.com. “What we found in the RV industry for rentals is there’s far more demand for rentals than there is supply.”

So, how does the peer-to-peer system on RVShare.com work?

RV owners start by selecting their RV type, year and length via a drop-down menu. Then, after signing up (no credit card required), they can begin adding pictures and a description of their RV. Listings are completely free. You do have the option to be a “featured listing,” however, for a small cost.

RVShare.com will also help owners with insurance options, as well as suggest rates based on location and type of RV, although the rental cost is ultimately up to the owners.

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