RVtoday television, entering its fifth year of broadcasting, recorded its largest single-day viewing audience on Dec. 10 with a .39 rating, representing 323,000 viewers.
The segment aired on the Outdoor Life Network and followed the RVtoday crew on a destination trip to Hollywood, Calif., and the Malibu area. RVtoday also airs on the RFD-TV network.
“This is a real accomplishment for us and it goes to show how far RVtoday has come,” said John Martin, senior vice president of RVtoday. “This audience of 323,000 comes with out any of the satellite subscribers of DISH, and DIRECTV being counted in as viewers because Nielsen at this time does not report satellite viewers in their ratings.”
In November, RVtoday broadcast a special episode offering a first-hand look at the catastrophic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina and the role RVs played in subsequent relief efforts, which is being replayed in December. The new season begins on Jan. 21 with a continuation of the Southern California trip, focusing on the Los Angeles area.
RVtoday is a business unit of Affinity Group Inc., parent to RVBUSINESS.com and RV Business.