Chuck Woodbury

RVtravel.com’s YouTube channel passed 4 million views and is attracting about 250,000 new views a month. The company reported that it is the most-watched channel on YouTube about RVing with more than 300 videos and 10,300 subscribers.

“We’re adding new videos all the time,” said RVtravel.com editor Chuck Woodbury. “Part of the reason for our fast growth is because we embed a video about RVing every day in our RV Daily Tips Newsletter, which appears Monday through Friday and is read by about 35,000 RVers a day.”

Most of the videos also appear on one or more of RVtravel.com’s network of about three dozen active websites and blogs about RVing. Most offer a concise tip for viewers, usually from a well-known RVing expert.

Woodbury is currently building a TV studio in Edmonds, Wash., where in March he will begin producing and syndicating talk show programs about RVing through his network of websites and those of partners.

“Video is going to be huge on the Internet,” said Woodbury. “We’re in the stone ages now, but the pace of growth is fast. We plan to be a major player and are putting a lot of energy  into building a large audience and producing quality programming.”

The RV Travel YouTube channel can be viewed at http://YouTube.com/RVtravel .