RVzen.com launched this week with an arsenal of features designed specifically to help sellers of RVs connect with buyers online, according to a news release.

“We recognize that the current RV market is tough for dealers. We’ve developed a tool that helps dealers generate more leads and will ultimately help sell more units online. We’re extremely pleased with the results, and the reaction from the community has been phenomenal,” said Shawn Rubel, CEO of RVzen.

In celebration of their launch, RVzen is providing RV dealers with free listings through the end of 2009. “With an easy ‘feed’ system, dealers will be able to send and update their inventory on RVzen with one simple process. They’ll also have access to a huge untapped market of buyers actively searching for new or used RVs for sale,” said Rubel.

With RVzen, shopping on the site is free, and anyone can list an RV for only $39. Dealers will enjoy free listings through the end of 2009 when signing up for the RVzen Dealer Program. They will also receive special discounts in 2010, and can upload unlimited quantities of stock with a simple feed file.

The new site is feature rich with elements such as a powerful search tool which allows buyers to narrow their search and find RVs by searching on a wide array of features such as size, mileage, fuel type, condition, length and the number it sleeps. “And more features are on the way. With new tools being released later this year dealers will be able to easily track their sales and sell more units with higher profit margins,” added Rubel.

Why the name “RVzen?”

  “We named the site RVzen because it represents an enlightened way of buying or selling an RV by providing all the tools needed in one simple package,” said Rubel. “With the powerful set of features the dealers will have at their disposal on RVzen, we’re confident we can move more inventory for the dealer than any other online channel.”

For more information, please contact Shawn at: [email protected] or call (270) 321-1594