Alto teardrop by Safari Condo

Standing the test of time, and in conjunction with rising fuel prices, the traditional teardrop camper has resurfaced in recent years as an economic alternative to larger trailers or motorhomes. Raising the bar with an intelligent and modern teardrop design, Canadian company Safari Condo has recently released the Alto R 1713 and R 1723 recreational campers.

As reported by gizmag, both travel trailers are lightweight and boast an aerodynamic shape, which makes towing them easy and accessible. Furthermore, the design incorporates an electric retractable roof, offering greater interior space compared to the typically quite small traditional teardrop trailers.

“We wanted to make a small, extremely light and very aerodynamic travel trailer, while maintaining a comfortable interior height,” Daniel Nadeau, CEO of Safari Condo tells Gizmag. “The need to combine the aerodynamic features with a generous vertical space inside was the source of the retractable roof design.”

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