SalVinCo announced the introduction of satin-nickel Elipse LED ceiling lights that are dimmable and also have an integrated blue LED Night Light.

According to a press release, Elipse LED ceiling lights feature a sturdy aluminum construction with a polycarbonate lens. The ceiling hugger, which offers RVers ease of installation, is sized at 8 5/8-inches-long-by-4-1/2-inches wide with low profile of 1/2-inch high.

A soft-touch button will cycle through the various settings including nightlight, light on and lights off. The dimmer feature has a memory which will retain the last brightness setting of the fixture the next time it’s turned on. An evenly patterned bright light output of 462 lumens is comparable to a 55-watt incandescent bulb, yet has a consumption of only six watts.

Operating voltage range is 10-30 volts DC for 12-volt and 24-volt DC systems while the color temperature is a warm white. The lights retail for $79.