Samsung Electronics is recalling nearly 184,000 microwave ovens that were installed in RVs during the past three years.
The recall was issued, in cooperation with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), because Samsung determined “some of these microwave ovens may present a safety hazard due to a defective part that may cause them to begin operation unassisted and result in smoke or fire.”
Samsung will repair the ovens free of charge for consumers. Meanwhile, consumers who own RVs with the affected ovens should unplug them or, if that’s not possible, leave the microwave door ajar to prevent it from operating.
More than 150 RV manufacturers build vehicles including the recalled Samsung microwaves. Samsung is working with the RV builders to finalize the procedures for getting the microwaves repaired at no charge to the consumer. The recalled microwaves were built by Samsung between May 2000 and September of this year. The affected models are: MR5491G; MR5491G01; MR5492W; MR5494W01; MR5493G; MR5493G01; MR5494W; MT7491G; MR7491G01; MR7492W; MR7492W01; MR7493G; MR7493G01; MR6698WB; MR6699GB and MR6699SB.
Consumer can find the model number and date of manufacture on the inside of the oven door.
No other Samsung microwaves are involved in the recall.