The San Jose, Calif., City Council voted last week to allow RV parking on driveways in residential areas of the nation’s 11th largest municipality.
In doing so, San Jose officials rescinded a largely unenforced ordinance that prohibited RV and pleasure boat parking on driveways for longer than 48 hours.
Now, an RV can be parked on a driveway for longer than 48 hours as long as the sidewalk isn’t blocked, the vehicle remains in good condition and does not, otherwise, create a safety hazard.
Parking RVs or boats along a street for longer than 72 hours remains prohibited in San Jose under a California law.
The issue of a limit on RV parking created a firestorm of controversy while San Jose officials were contemplating legislation “to spruce up suburbia,” according to the San Jose Mercury News. An outright ban on RV and boat parking was under consideration until hundreds of RVers and boaters turned out for public meetings to speak out against the proposal.
Many of the RVers said their yards are not big enough to store their rigs out of sight and that there are not enough RV storage businesses in the San Jose area to accommodate them.
Alan Cezar, owner of Family RVs, the last RV dealership remaining in San Jose, said Silicon Valley RV owners have to travel as far away as Gilroy, Hollister or Salinas to find RV storage at a reasonable cost, according to the Mercury News.