Hundreds of RVs packed New Jersey;s Atlantic City Convention Center over President’s Day weekend for the 18th annual RV show, according to a report by NBC40 TV.

Officials from the RV convention said they saw a record number of sales this year. They said they also had a large number of people asking to buy or rent an RV because they were displaced from their home after Hurricane Sandy.

Marybeth Tedesco, a show manager from GS Media and Events, said, “I do know there have been some RV dealers that have had people from Sandy buy RVs because their homes are gone.”

Allen Fennimore of Stone’s Camping World added, “One particular person came in and he lost the bottom of his house, and he lost his trailer, and he did purchase a trailer from us.”

One shopper NBC40 spoke with said these RVs would be a nice option for someone that may still be struggling to get back on their feet. Susan Maxeine explained, “FEMA seems to be giving people certain amounts of money if you can’t get back into your home. It might be better than going to a hotel every two weeks where you don’t know where you’re going to be living. So for some people who can’t get back into their homes…it is an option.”

Whether casually browsing, or looking to replace their home, the RV show in Atlantic City was in full force this year.

“I hope we did help some people from Hurricane Sandy,” said Fennimore.