The Palin family just offered fans the opportunity to buy the ultimate Sarah Palin souvenir.

According to U.S. News and World Report, Todd Palin posted on Facebook that the family was selling its motorhome, the one used during the former Alaska governor’s One Nation tour – which Palin used to stir up Palin 2012 rumors – and the same vehicle that was featured on the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” television show.

“We’re downsizing from our beautiful one-of-a-kind Lexa to a smaller Class C motorhome that ‘Grandma Sarah’ feels more comfortable driving,” Todd Palin explained. “She loves to drive and really admires those hardcore lady RVers who maneuver their rigs and even haul trailers behind, but Sarah humbly admits there must be a better way than her white-knuckling on the highways behind the wheel of our Lexa.”

The Palin family is asking $279,000 for the coach.

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