A project that will stretch the limits of 3-D printing is set to get underway in Saskatoon.

News Talk 650 reported that Randy Janes, owner and operator of Wave of the Future 3D is working with Saskatchewan Polytechnic to build a camper using a large-scale 3-D printer housed at Create Cafe 3D Printing on Circle Drive.

“It’ll come off the line roughly around 600 to 700 pounds, with the seats and the kitchen walls and closet walls all printed into place as one uni-body trailer,” he explained.

Janes said he came up for the idea to 3-D print a camper based on his 11 years working as an RV product expert and sales trainer.

The build is set to begin Thursday and is expected to last for about 10 days. People can observe the process by visiting Create Cafe or by checking out a live stream on Facebook.

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