Earl Manning is caught in the middle of a scam aimed at ripping off private sellers of RVs, according to the Now Newspaper, Surrey, British Columbia.
Manning, who is vice-president of RV Care Network, said scammers are illegally using his organization’s logo to lend an air of legitimacy to their attempts to defraud sellers of thousands of dollars.
RV Care is a national network of recreational vehicle dealers across Canada set up to ensure customers get prompt service if their rigs have problems on the road.
Last month, he started hearing from people offering their RVs for private sale who were emailed by “Nathan Seer.” Seer was offering to pay the full asking price on behalf of a third-party buyer.
In each case, Seer informed the sellers that his client would deliver by express courier an already issued cashier’s check for an amount considerably more than the selling price “to cover the cost of the unit, shipping and any other expenses that might accrue in the course of this transaction.”
Upon receipt of this check, the seller is instructed to refund the difference between the sale price and the amount of the check. In two cases that Manning knows of, the refund amounts were $10,400 and $8,400.
He said the whole thing is a scam and the cashier’s checks are worthless. By the time the victim finds out the check is no good, the scammers have cashed it and made off with the money.
“I first starting hearing about this in mid-January,” Manning said. “In each case, the emails had our logo on the bottom. They just copied it from our website. The logo is my first concern, but I also don’t want to see anybody get hurt by this scam.”
The Motor Vehicle Sales Authority of BC, a regulatory body for motor vehicle dealers, has also issued a warning about the scam. Anyone who falls for the con, they say, will be held responsible by the bank for all fees, interest and repayment of the full amount of any fake cheques deposited in their accounts.
Any such contact should be reported to local police.