Jon Schallert

Jon Schallert

Jon Schallert, a destination business expert, will deliver the keynote speech and lead a breakout session at Stag-Parkway’s national RV trade show Jan. 19-21 in Las Vegas. Schallert has also been hired by the aftermarket distributor to develop a year-long webinar series for Stag-Parkway’s RV University.

“The recreational vehicle industry is extremely competitive today,” Schallert says. “The sessions in Las Vegas, and the annual training program we’ve developed for Stag-Parkway’s dealers, will help independent businesses learn how to make their retail locations and showrooms a destination for consumers.”

Schallert, who started consulting with small businesses back in 1987, spent a decade with greeting card giant Hallmark Cards.  After leaving Hallmark, Schallert spent the last 18 years consulting in over 500 communities, and interviewing over 10,000 small business owners.

His keynote address, “Mom and Pop on Top: How to Be Small, But Play Large,” notes that an accelerating “Shop Local” movement has heightened attention to independently-owned businesses.

“Fortune 100 companies are now marketing themselves as small businesses because they’ve learned that today’s consumers are choosing to spend more at independently‐owned businesses,” he says. “Independent businesses suddenly have a huge competitive advantage if they know how to position themselves correctly.”

The two-hour breakout session, “Turn Your RV Dealership into a Destination Business,” will describe the 14-step strategy that has helped boost retail sales by up to 40% in some communities by catching shoppers’ attention with irresistible unique identities and product spotlighting.

Stag-Parkway has engaged Schallert to produce a more detailed explanation of the strategy for its Professional Retail Organization (PRO) curriculum. Topics are “Standing Above Your Competition: Developing Your Dealership Advantage,” “Tips and Tactics to Increase Customer Traffic Today,” “Capturing Customers When They Enter Your Doors: The Critical 7 Seconds,” and “How to Leverage ‘Shop Local’ Enthusiasm in Your RV Dealership.”

Stag-Parkway, founded in 1968, is the leader in aftermarket RV parts and accessories distribution in North America. The firm operates 12 warehouses in the United States, one warehouse in Ontario, Canada, five customer service call centers, and one technical call center, and it offers next day delivery to more than 97% of America’s RV dealerships.

The Schallert Group Inc., based in Longmont, Colorado, hosts a 2 1/2-day Destination Business BootCamp (DestinationBootCamp.com) and operates the online training network, Destination University (DestinationUniversity.com) where businesses can access more than 150 webinars from over 50 authors and experts.