Evanne Schmarder

Evanne Schmarder

Discussing current trends in digital marketing, Evanne Schmarder, principal of Roadabode Productions, is slated to address over 90 participants from at least seven countries at the 2015 European Camping Congress held in Essen, Germany, on Feb. 27.

Titled “Putting Digital to Work: Benchmarks, Strategy, Development, Results,” an international gathering of park owners and operators will examine marketing benchmarks and gain a fresh perspective as it relates to communicating their message as well as developing a systemic approach to shaping their digital marketing programs.

“Across the globe, digital marketing dominates today’s marketing landscape. It’s not a ‘nice to have’ but an imperative tool for building business. Savvy park owners/operators worldwide recognize this fact and are eager to seize this constantly evolving opportunity,” said Schmarder. “As a digital marketing strategist, consultant, and educator I am always delighted to share ideas and experiences with successful business owners be it in the U.S., Europe, and even Australia.”

She added, “Interestingly, while there are some differences between U.S. outdoor hospitality marketing and our overseas peers’ programs, the commonalities and best practices we share are stunningly similar,” said Schmarder.  “As always, this session will be interactive and attendees will leave with raised awareness and actionable ideas.”

Sabina Großkreuz, senior vice president of Messe Essen GmbH, noted, “The European Camping Congress Essen is becoming ever more significant for campsite entrepreneurs from across Europe. It takes up highly topical subjects in the sector, such as Ms. Schmarder’s greatly anticipated digital marketing lecture and workshop, and simultaneously offers the possibility of obtaining information about innovative products and services in the accompanying trade exhibition. This combination is unique.”

The European Camping Congress is held in conjunction with the Reise + Camping Consumer Fair, attracting over 90,000 outdoor enthusiasts. This five-day event welcomes more than 1,000 exhibitors presenting national and international travel destinations as well as the latest trends in mobile travel and cycling. This pairing helps facilitate a very synergistic Industry Day, delivering a rich schedule of industry-related expert lectures including 2015 sessions on glamping, sustainability, and digital marketing, an awards ceremony, exhibitor introductions, and valuable networking.