Grayson “Schwep” Schwepfinger, a well-known figure in the RV and manufactured housing industries, passed away Dec. 21 at Lehigh Valley Hospital Inpatient Hospice.

Born Jan. 8, 1933, Schwepfinger began his career in the RV/manufactured housing Industry in 1953 by opening three rental communities as well as a parts and accessories warehouse, which he developed it into the second largest warehouse of its type in the United States.

Schwepfinger was three-time president of the Pennsylvania Manufactured Housing & RV Association and served 10 years as a member of its board. Since 1971, Schwepfinger trained and consulted with retailers across the United States and Canada. During that time he worked for 17 years with Fleetwood Enterprises Inc.’s manufacturing divisions, both manufactured housing and RVs. He was founder and first president of the Warehouse Distributers, a national group of suppliers of parts and accessories to the industry.

Starting in 1990, Schwepfinger conducted training for manufactured home and RV manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada, including Fleetwood, Palm Harbor, Oakwood, American Homestar, Champion, Kit, Skyline, Winnebago, Golden West, and Liberty as well as for dozens of independent retailers. The Pennsylvania RV and Camping Association (PRVCA) also welcomed Grayson as a featured speaker at many education events.

In 1978, Grayson was elected to membership in the RV/MH Heritage Foundation Hall of Fame for his contributions in education; he was also a veteran of the U.S. Air Force and had served in Korea.

Grayson was survived by his companion Marilyn Vogel; sons Todd and G. Blair Schwepfinger; daughter Gail Tomassini; and  four grandsons, Jason, Eric, Ryan and Andrew.