Dicor Corp. affiliate Seal Design is opening up another market niche within the marine and RV industries as the exclusive distributor of a new mold release coating, said Greg Kelly, general manager of the division.

The latest expansion of Dicor Corp.’s offerings is for FRP, ABS and fiberglass molding suppliers serving the RV and marine industries. Such molding operations make boat hulls, interior molded ABS, injected molded and roto cast parts for marine products, and a number of significant parts for RVs, such as front and rear caps, ground effect products and various ABS parts.

Called Release Rite 7000, the mold release features a tough, durable film that allows multiple mold releases with one spray-on application, and can easily be touched up as needed. It has an exclusive chemistry composed of an aqueous co-solvent blend of a semi-composite release agent intended for most general composite and FRP molding operations, including phenolic, epoxy and fiberglass applications.

“Release Rite has a very complex chemistry and is a very high quality mold release agent that we’ve been able to make cost-competitive,” said Kelly. “Its big advantage is the cost savings in terms of productivity that it brings to molded parts suppliers. With Release Rite, they can get a lot more ‘pulls’ before they have to recondition the mold. And when they do recondition molds, it will take less time and create lest disruption. Its spray-on application also facilitates ease-of-use and makes it perfect for bigger molds.”

Seal Design will also be introducing a complete line of new release agents for the broader injection molding industry, including injection and compression rubber molders.

“As the exclusive supplier of this product, this is a great opportunity for us in a whole new market,” said Kelly.