Plans were confirmed today (Nov. 23) for a series of RV business services seminars to be held Monday through Wednesday (Nov. 30-Dec. 2) during the 47th Annual National RV Trade Show in Louisville, Ky.

Billed as the “’09 Louisville RV Industry Business Seminars,” this inaugural collection of hour-long speaking engagements will feature a variety of relevant subjects presented by some of the best known experts in the RV industry, according to a news release. Categories include business industry statistics, RV rentals, F&I, Internet sales development and marketing/advertising. Prominent speakers include Sheril Vergara, Jan Kelly, Bert Alanko, Tom Walworth and others.

“It’s been a real tough year for us all in the RV industry,” said Roger Vergara of RH Power & Associates, spokesperson for the group and company host for the seminars. “Unfortunately, RV dealers and RV related businesses have all had to scale back on the business services and consulting that they normally rely on. With these special free seminars, we want to give attendees useful information they can take home and put to use immediately to energize operations, increase market share and re-grow their businesses.”

Roger added that the group felt strongly about giving back to the industry in trying times and stressed that the seminars are all no obligation, non-proprietary and no cost to attend. “If we can give RV dealers and RV businesses just one more reason to go to Louisville, then hopefully they’ll have one more important reason to attend the trade show,” he said. “Although our efforts are not directly connected, we feel it’s important for industry solidarity and redevelopment that show attendance is maximized any way possible”.

The seminars will be held in the Madison/Oldham rooms at the Crowne Plaza Louisville Airport, formerly known as the Executive West Hotel on Phillips Lane in Louisville.

Each seminar will be repeated over the course of the three-day period in order to give attendees the greatest flexibility with their personal schedules. Attendance is free and RV dealers and businesses may bring as many participants as they wish. Full details along with a schedule of all seminars and times can be viewed on the group’s website at www.rhpowerseminars.com which also features instant web-based registration. Alternatively, persons can also call (800) 552-1993 to register by phone.