SEPI Marketing, parent company of Southeast Publications, has donated over 12,000 square feet of its warehouse space as a staging area for donations to the people of Puerto Rico in the wake of Hurricane Maria.

According to a press release, Shuzz Foundation, a 501 (c3) relief organization that is best known for supplying over 108,000 pairs of shoes to the needy, directed the relief efforts.

“Southeast Publications has done an extraordinary job in helping with the Puerto Rico hurricane relief efforts,” said Shuzz Foundation committee member Enid Alvarado. “From the kindness of their hearts, they opened their warehouse for us to store all the supplies collected by different organizations in the Tri-County area. They have gone above and beyond, from allowing us to utilize all their equipment and supplies to lending they’re own staff and executives to help. It has been an overall amazing experience to work with Southeast Publications, and they’re an amazing staff. The people of Puerto Rico will be forever thankful, and so will I.”

Wally and Kim Warrick, owners of SEPI Marketing, pitched in on the warehouse floor, carrying boxes and sorting canned goods.

“I know first-hand the damage that is done by these hurricanes,” said Kim Warrick, a 16-year firefighter and first responder who is often working during hurricanes helping those directly affected by storms visiting south Florida. “It is tragic what is happening to those people, and we knew we had to help.”

Wally Warrick noted, “So far we have sorted about 63 pallets of canned food and paper goods. We needed to be sure none of these items contained glass or other items that could not be shipped. There are volunteers all over and we want to lighten their load as well.  

“You know, I’m proud of our employees,” he added. “Many of them did not have to spend their weekend at work, doing some pretty tough lifting, but they did and that speaks to the heart of SEPI Marketing.

Customer Service Manager Teresa Wilson offered,“It’s one thing to give and I know the owners give a lot to a variety of charitable organizations, but it is another thing to see everyone at our company working so hard to help those in need.”