Temecula Valley RV will mark its 20th year of operation on Oct. 21, hosting an open house at its sprawling two-story facility in Murrieta, Calif.

Manager Zach Zauss told RVBUSINESS.com that the company’s successful run is testament to its decision to adopt a nontraditional business model.

“Our main focus at Temecula Valley is on service, storage, repairs, remodels and rentals,” said Zauss, noting that the company is not involved in the sale of new RVs. “We do remodels from either wheels-up or chassis-up. We can also do renovations from the chassis down. We’re the largest company doing this in Southwest California.”

He said that the Murrieta location offers 6,000 square feet of warehouse space that can “store 150 units and service 100 units. In addition, the company bought out parts and repair inventory from four OEMs on the West Coast. 

Temecula Valley RV, owned by Erik Kitley and his wife, Rhonda, also builds numerous custom vehicles such as mobile command centers for police and fire departments as well as police DUI checkpoint trailers and mobile business vehicles for services such as dog grooming or hair salons. In addition, the company works with most RV OEMs to provide warranty service while handling RV repairs for several of the largest insurance companies servicing the RV industry.

Temecula RV Valley’s parts and accessories store

“We have customers that will schedule months in advance,” said Zauss. “We have a bunch of Canadians that will come down and snowbirds from out East who are some of our biggest clients during the winter season because they prefer to come here where the weather is nice. When you look at what the Erik and Rhonda have created and the name they’ve made themselves in the RV world, it’s quite impressive. We’re on 7 1/2 acres here and have 247 storage coaches on the property. If you double that, that’s about what we have in service coaches on the property at the same time.”

Temecula Valley RV prides itself on customer service, offering an alternative to having work done at the dealer, according to Savannah Mortimer, who handles marketing, online and social media resources for the company. “Dealerships are focused on trying to get people in and out and aren’t necessarily focused on customer service,” she said. “So we try to get on a first-name basis with all of our customers and make them feel welcome. We don’t care how long their unit has to be with us. We’re not rushing them out the door. We have a deadline to meet, but we’re also making them happy by doing everything they want to have done. Dealerships struggle with that because they have so many customers and so many things to service. We can establish a relationship with our clients.

“I would also like to add, that without all the hard work from the staff here we wouldn’t be in business. Their efforts and passion towards making everything perfect the first time is why I feel we have the best staff in the southwest.”

Temecula Valley’s repair, remodel and refurbish services include travel trailers, fifth-wheels and motorized RVs. “Pull it, drag it or drive it. We handle all of them from oil changes to complete rip outs and rebuilds — the whole nine yards,” said Zauss.

The company’s 20th anniversary celebration will run from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Oct. 21 and will feature food and music along with participation by local and national vendors. For more information visit www.temeculavalleyrv.com.