Recreational vehicles for trips to neighboring provinces like Zhejiang and Jiangsu will be available for rent for the first time in Shanghai starting in May.

The Shanghai Daily reported that Five RVs owned by Shanghai Jiaoyun Bashi Group have recently been given Shanghai C plates, which will allow them on Shanghai roads outside the Outer Ring area.

It’s the first time rented RVs will be allowed on Shanghai roads. Previously, only privately owned RVs were given Shanghai C plates.

The company will start RV rentals on May 8. The vehicles, with a capacity of six people, will be leased for $209.56 per day. According to Jia Yan, spokesperson of Shanghai Jiaoyun Bashi Group, all five vehicles have been booked for their debut trip. Most of the trips are two or three-day outings to neighboring cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou and Shanghai’s Chongming Island.

“The group set up a branch company to manage a Jiaoyun Bashi RV Club,” Jia told Shanghai Daily. “The branch company will take charge of RV operations and customers will be introduced to the club.”

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