Shipshewana RV Service Center Plant Manager Ryan Kraft (from left), Brian Lambright, business development director for the Shipshewana Trading Place, and Shipshewana RV Service Center Manager Chad Bender

The Shipshewana Trading Place RV Service Center hosted its grand opening Monday (March 27) with an open house at its new state-of-the-art facility in Elkhart County, situated in close proximity to the industry’s concentration of manufacturers and suppliers.

Among its services, Shipshewana RV Service Center provides predelivery inspections (PDIs) for RVs on behalf of dealers and manufacturers. PDI is a quality-control process that’s helpful in discovering any potential issues beforehand, rather than when new owners take delivery of their RV. For dealers, especially, PDI performed by Shipshewana RV Service Center “gives them the peace of mind that any issues are dealt with before the unit reaches their lot,” Service Center Manager Chad Bender told RVBUSINESS.com.

“PDIs save time for the dealer so they don’t have to perform the tests; they can work on other paying jobs such as warranty or service. And, when we find an issue, we are only 30 minutes away from all the manufacturers so we can get parts quickly and efficiently,” Bender said, noting that “our employees have a combined 50-plus years of RV experience — with two of them being plant managers in the past — which means they know what to look for when doing a PDI.”

The Shipshewana RV Service Center has 11 service bays and a rain bay that “can empty almost 200 gallons of water per minute on a unit to check for leaks,” Bender related. The new location also has a 1,500-square-foot RV supply store stocked with products and accessories for the RV traveler as well as more than three fenced-in acres for secure RV storage.

In addition to PDI, the business provides service and repair to the RV traveler as well, including work inside and outside of the coach, warranty work, winterizing and de-winterizing, and independent suspension alignment.

The RV Service Center is owned by Shipshewana Trading Place, which offers a diverse range of destination and merchandising services including the Midwest’s largest flea market, Shipshewana Auction, Farmstead Inn & Conference Center, Farmstead Expo Barn & Event Pavilion, Auction Restaurant, Shipshewana RV Park and special events.

“With Shipshewana RV Park located on site, and plans to expand it next season, the Shipshewana RV Service Center is in an ideal location for travelers to get the quality service needed while they have the opportunity to visit the flea market and the many other attractions in the area. This unique location provides them with a lot of great things to do while they are here for the service needed on their units,” added Brian Lambright, business development director for the Shipshewana Trading Place.

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