Sales were so good at last weekend’s consumer RV show in suburban Salt Lake City, Utah, that one dealer interviewed by the Salt Lake Tribune described it as “shocking.”
“I’ve had a few people mention the price of fuel. I’ve had no one mention the threat of war,” Mark Hansen, a salesman with Sierra RV of Sunset, told the Tribune. “I’m shocked. We’ve had a really good show.”
According to Neil Citte, owner of the Ray Citte dealership in Roy, Utah who exhibited at the 38th annual Utah Sportsmen, Vacation & RV Show in Sandy, “This has been one of our better shows yet. I thought when 9/11 happened we’d see a downturn in the RV business. But it’s been just the opposite.”
Shortly before the end of this show on Sunday (Feb. 23), Citte said he had sold 25 units, up from about 15 last year.
“People want to stay closer to home,” he said tin explaination of the increase in volume. “They don’t have to get on an airplane to go someplace.”
Another dealer speculated that fears about terrorist attacks actually are spurring RV sales. Many Americans, concerned about their safety in a civic emergency, want mobile shelters with their own power and water supply, said Chris Stohl, a salesman with Terry’s RV Center in Murray.
“The government’s telling us, ‘Get yourself prepared. Get yourself a 72-hour [emergency] kit.’ So people are telling us, ‘I want a trailer,’ ” Stohl said. “If our infrastructure goes down, they want access to heat and cooking. It gives them a little peace of mind.”