A Kentucky man who started a crime spree of stealing TVs from RVs after attending an RV show has been captured.

Bullitt County police arrested 35-year-old Teddy Stinson, who was arraigned in Shepherdsville, Ky., Monday (Nov. 9) on more than 20 counts of theft.

According to investigators, Stinson hit four storage and RV facilities in Bullitt County, another four in Jefferson County and is facing charges in Nelson County as well. Police say they also have Stinson’s DNA and fingerprints from multiple crime scenes, according to WAVE-TV, Louisville.

Stinson told police he started his crime spree after going to the boat and RV show at the Kentucky Fairgrounds.

“He went into some of these RVs and seen these nice TVs and thought, ‘What a way to make a buck’ and he actually, that’s where he came up with the idea,” said Lt. Scotty McGaha of the Bullitt County Sheriffs Office.

U.S. marshals had been tracking Stinson on a prior warrant out of Bullitt County from Tennessee and across Kentucky.

“They broke in these small windows on the side and trying to take the TV out, they did a lot of damage to the entertainment center,”  Christy Parsley, who works at the Sunrise RV and Trailer Center in Shepherdsville, told WLJKY-TV, Louisville.

The TV inside one of the RVs that was broken into at that business was ripped out and the woodwork around it was ripped apart.

“The total damage with the windows and all in this unit was close to $4,000,” Parsley said.

Police said Stinson cut a hole in the fence at that center, tried to pry a few doors open, but then opted for slipping in through the windows of four RVs.

“At first, we thought maybe a kid was involved because the windows are so small in these things, but turns out the thief himself is just a small guy,” Parsley said.

But police said there was nothing small about the 5-foot-7, 150-pound thief’s crime spree. Police said he stole more than 20 TVs in Bullitt County alone.

“It’s a large operation and they were really tearing us up here in Bullitt and Jefferson County mainly,” McGaha said.

Stinson had been on the run for weeks, but U.S. marshals finally arrested him at a Bardstown, Ky., motel on Friday night. Police said he then led investigators on a tour of his targets, pointing out every business he’d broken into.

“On the way back here, he told me, ‘There’s one I forgot to tell you about,’ and he actually took us to another one,” McGaha said.

Parsley said Stinson’s break-in cost them about $8,000. Needless to say, they’re glad he’ll likely pay some sort of price.

“We’ve actually had other thefts and kind of expected this to be like the other ones and the guy never gets caught and it happens again, so we are very happy and pleased that they caught this individual and he will not be back,” Parsley said.

Police said Stinson would peel the serial numbers off the stolen TVs and then sell them at yard sales. He’s facing multiple counts of breaking into vehicles in three counties — each count carries a sentence of one to five years in prison.

Stinson’s wife was also arrested on lesser, related charges. Police said a third person who hasn’t been arrested yet might have been in on the break-ins as well.