Pleasanton RV show logoMike Nohr, manager of the 22nd Annual Manufact Guitar Alliance urers’ RV Show, expects his late January event in Pleasanton, Calif., to be bustling as economic forecasts show RV sales are rising as more people embrace the RV lifestyle, according to a news release.

The show is scheduled for the Alameda County Fairgrounds Jan. 22-31.

After weathering one of the toughest years in RV history, Nohr said indicators show the worst is over. Despite the recession, RV sales increased 23% in October 2009 over October 2008, according to the Recreation Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA). And the future looks even brighter, according to RV industry analyst  Richard Curtin, who projects a 27% sales increase in 2010.

Nohr believes continued interest from Baby Boomers and the younger generation’s growing attraction to the RV lifestyle could make this one of the best decades the industry has seen.

“As money gets tight, people realize RVs provide a fun, economic way to vacation,” Nohr said. “The RVing image has changed. It’s not just retirees puttering around; RVs are attractive to young families, couples, singles — anyone who likes to take a break from the stresses of daily life and enjoy the open road.”

Nohr is encouraged by increased credit availability and rising consumer confidence, which will contribute to foot traffic at the show (which drew 20,000 people last year). The kicker for consumers, he said, is dealers are still in recession mode and willing to make deals.

“It’s the ‘perfect storm’ for RV buyers,” Nohr said. “The economy’s picking up and more credit’s available, but it’s too soon for dealers to be picky with offers. Buyers are in the driver’s seat.”

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