National RV Holdings Inc. Chairman and CEO Gary Siegler recently bought 59,300 more shares of the Perris, Calif.-based company’s stock, according to the insiderSCORES.com news service.

Siegler bought the stock between May 2 and May 17 and he paid $9.45 to $10.20 a share.

National RV stock closed on Friday (June 15) at $12.68 a share. The 52-week high for National RV stock is $13.78 and the 52-week low is $7.75 a share.

As a result of recent purchases, Siegler now owns more than 900,000 shares of National RV stock.

Between April 26 and April 30, Siegler bought 82,700 shares of National RV stock for $8.10 to $8.50 a share.

The National RV chairman and CEO owned 839,184 shares of the company’s stock as of April 1, according to Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) documents.

Investors generally view stock purchases by corporate insiders such as Siegler as votes of confidence in the company’s management and an expression of the view that the company has a favorable outlook.