Following a strong showing during World Cup competition over the weekend in Val Gardena, Italy, skier Bode Miller again complained about a new U.S. team rule that he says has affected his sleeping pattern.
According to an Associated Press report, the rule requires that he stay in the team hotel, as opposed to his personal motorhome.
“It’s completely counterproductive for me,” Miller said. “I need that rest to maintain that level of training and condition.”
Miller said he’s received “reprimands” from his team for being outspoken about the issue.
“I’ll live by the rules, but I’m not going to censor myself with what I say about it,” he said. “The amount of flexibility they’ve shown in the past is gone. It’s no longer there for whatever reason. Hopefully I can last another month or two before I totally detonate.”
The U.S. team isn’t budging.
“I’m confident we’re doing the right thing and we’re going to stay the course,” coach Phil McNichol told the Associated Press. “Bode’s skiing well and it’s working for him.
“My focus is not on getting the guys angry, it’s not on nonathletic issues. It’s a big job focusing on coaching the guys. We’ve done what we feel is best.”
Miller said he sleeps well – when he does sleep.
“I go to bed at 10:30-11 and I wake up every night at 2-2:15 for 45 minutes, then again at 4:45 or 5,” Miller said. “I started a book at 4:45 a.m. this morning and by the time my alarm went off I was at page 160. It’s terrible. I’ve been in a terrible mood every day.”