Claire Skinner, chairman and CEO of Coachmen Industries Inc., Elkhart, Ind., is the only woman leading one of the 30 largest publicly traded companies in Indiana, and she received less pay than the CEOs at 27 of them, according to the Indianapolis Star.
In a review of CEO compensation at Indiana-based companies such as Anthem, Eli Lilly, Cummins Inc. and Simon Property Group, the Star reported that Skinner received $452,000 in total compensation in 2003, 22% less than in 2002.
“If you are the only female on a list and one of the lowest-paid, in my view it may raise the question: Is it because she’s female?” Skinner told the newspaper. “The answer is that I believe I’m fairly paid, and that’s it’s not gender related.’”
The only other Indiana RV industry-related companies appearing on the list were engine and generator supplier Cummins, towable RV and manufactured home builder Skyline Corp. and supplier Patrick Industries Inc.
Cummins CEO Theodore Solso received $4.8 million in total compensation in 2003, Skyline Corp. CEO Thomas G. Deranek received $368,000 and Patrick Industries CEO David D. Lung received $357,960, ranking them 7th, 29th and 30th respectively.
More than 50% of all RVs are manufactured in Indiana, primarily in the Elkhart area.