Dublin, Calif.-based dealership Sky River RV has introduced the Educational Recreation Vehicle Information Network (ERVIN), offering another “virtual sales tool” for consumers at the company’s four-acre indoor showroom.

“ERVIN allows the customer to interact with a touch screen monitor and ask questions,” said Scott Thorpe, managing partner, in a press release. “They receive specific information on the RV they are interested in. ERVIN shows the customer’s specifications, floorplans, video and other information to further educate the buyer. When it comes to towable product ERVIN takes the guess work out of what the customer can tow. We want the customer to be part of the process and ERVIN brings us one more tool in our pursuit of that strategy.”

The showroom has over 100 lighted RV’s displayed and “in an environment that puts the consumer as close as possible to what they will experience once they purchase an RV,” according to the release.

ERVIN will make its debut at the Bay Area RV Expo held at Sky River RV Dublin from May 11-20. For additional information on Sky River RV’s Dublin store and to preview some of the products on display, visit the stores website at www.SkyRiverRVs.com or call (925) 447-7200.